and robotisation
of production

Robotic workstations
polishing and grinding machines

automation of the polishing,
grinding and deburring process

robotisation of transport and storage

i robotyzacja produkcji

Stanowiska zrobotyzowane
polernicze i szlifierskie

automatyzacja procesu polerowania, szlifowania
oraz gratowania

robotyzacja transportu
i magazynowania

About us

With increasing market demands for quality, efficiency and speed in production, a key aspect of ensuring competitiveness for manufacturing companies is the automation and robotisation of key processes. Our technology solutions focus on areas that are critical to improving product quality and optimising production processes, such as grinding, deburring and polishing components. Our systems are designed to automate these time-consuming and often complex processes, while ensuring high precision and repeatable results.

As a specialised bench integrator, we offer full consultancy on the technologies we offer, prepare designs for robotic systems, and carry out trials on test benches.

We place considerable emphasis on the subject of cleaning, deburring and grinding of castings. Our range of services has also been expanded with the introduction of solutions for the cutting-off and nailing of gating systems and flashings. We have extensive experience in the area of steel profile grinding, focusing on the grinding and removal of welds, as well as longitudinal grinding of profiles.

The solutions we offer are also used in the reinforcement industry. Robotic workstations are used for the grinding of firearms barrels, the grinding of long-barrelled weapons flasks, gun locks and other armament components.

The automotive industry is another branch of industry we are closely familiar with. Our systems and workstations are used in many factories, performing a range of operations such as grinding dashboards, door handles, collectors, mufflers, brake callipers, valves, as well as grinding and polishing body parts, emblems, rims and much more.

We are well aware that every grinding process requires filtration and ventilation. In cooperation with a recognised manufacturer, we offer filter ventilation systems for all our workplaces, both dry filter ventilation systems for steel processing and wet filter ventilation systems for working with aluminium dust. expand on the content

We understand that the grinding process generates dust and other pollutants that can have a negative impact on both employee health and the environment. That is why we offer integrated solutions for filtration systems that are tailored to the specifications of the materials being machined on our workstations.


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